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Why World of Consciousness?

Welcome to World of Consciousness, global platform for  in-depth information, critical thinking and knowledge.

The WOC-Team selected hundreds of  interesting video’s, interviews and documentaries on various topics, such as mind science, society, nature, health, animal welfare, and much, much more. WOC presents experts and researchers from all walks of life. Many of them would be deemed controversial by mainstream media, but we are not afraid to be controversial.


The information on this website is critical, and sometimes confronting, but at the same time uplifting and inspiring. A colorful parade of opinions, information and advices. All aimed at empowering and awakening the mind. All to spark your awareness.


Consciousness is the greatest of all cosmic wonders. You will find it in everything around you. In the woods, plants and mountains, in the oceans, stars and planets, in all animals and last but not least, in yourself.

Everything that lives and ís, is consciousness.


The world we live in is a unique and beautiful place. Nevertheless worldwide, people are concerned with the way humanity is evolving. New generations are done with being kept in the dark, done with  being oppressed, controlled and exploited. 

It is our strong belief that ignorance is the root of most evil. In today’s world, economy rules over ecology, law rules over justice, fear over privacy, capital over morality and disease-management over health-care.

We must resonate with people who have become disillusioned with the violence, civil discord and crude materialism and carnism of modern civilization.


Our mission is to present knowledge  and to share free thoughts. We believe that change starts with awareness, the strongest agent for change. 

Humanity and all sentient beings unnecessary suffer. We therefore must invest our energy in converting people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation, from cruelty to compassion. 

We must honor the rights and freedom of áll sentient beings. Even if we supply all households in the world with solar panels and windmills and if we give every person an electric car, we will not solve the problems we are facing. The only way out is to change our lifestyle and to respect nature and  the lives of animals. A whole food plant based lifestyle is the only solution.


This website is very dear to us, since it is born out of a quest for truthful information.

Keep an open mind to the world and let your spirit not be imprisoned. Do not ignóre. 

Follow your bliss and act out of your heart, your divine spark.

Enjoy your journey on greater awareness and fascinating knowledge. 

We are entering the Revolution of Consciousness and this movement will reshape humanity as we know it.


Join us today and become the new architects for the next generations to come. 

If you like this platform, share it with your friends and give it Thumbs Up! Please, share your ideas and suggestions with us. We will be more than happy to incorporate your contributions.


Enjoy life, be well, good!


The World of Consciousness Team