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Meet the founder

Albert de Booij

Albert studied philosophy, literature, and music. He is deeply interested in the way humanity is evolving in the 21st century.


For this reason, he has created an international platform called World of Consciousness, guiding and informing people on their journey in pursuit of awareness.

The world is constantly changing and without awareness, it is difficult to navigate. Awareness is the greatest agent for change and for gaining different perspectives.

We believe that change starts with awareness, the strongest agent for change. At the same time, we want to bridge the gap between awareness and action. Humanity and all sentient beings are suffering unnecessarily.

The world we live in is a unique and beautiful place. Nevertheless, people all around the globe are concerned with the way humanity is evolving. New generations are done with being kept in the dark, done with being oppressed, controlled, and exploited.


We strongly believe that ignorance is the root of most evil. In today’s world, economy rules over ecology, law over justice, fear over privacy, capital over morality, and disease-management over health care.
We want to liberate people; turn misery into happiness and cruelty into compassion. We resonate with people who have become disillusioned with the violence, civil discord, crude materialism, and carnism of modern civilization.

The information on our website is critical and sometimes confronting, but at the same time uplifting and inspiring. A colorful parade of opinions, information, and advice. All are aimed at empowering and awakening the mind and sparking your awareness.

Stop! - Sokia

Our mission is to present truthful knowledge and to create a platform where you can freely share your thoughts

World of Consciousness® and affiliated Companies, Individuals, and Institutions endorse the following core values

We are a community that is driven by our core values that illuminate the pathway toward living a meaningful life, a life filled with passion and purpose​

  • Cherishing relationships with friends, clients, family, employees, and community members

  • Integrity in everything we do

  • Understanding the power of cultural diversity

  • Focus on growth, creativity and added value

  • Trust in each other and the future

  • Connectedness with each other

  • Not only do what is allowed but also do what is morally right

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Candy Cotton

Change yourself

to change the world


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We present experts and researchers from all walks of life

The WOC. team selects many interesting videos, interviews, and documentaries on various topics, such as mind science, society, nature, health, nutrition, animal welfare, ecology, and cosmos. 


This website is very dear to us since it is born out of a quest for truthful information. We keep an open mind to the world and do not let our spirits be imprisoned. We follow our bliss and act out of our heart, our divine spark. Let’s enjoy our journey towards greater awareness and fascinating knowledge. We are entering the Revolution of Consciousness and this will reshape humanity as we know it.

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La Future - Sokia

A roar for consciousness

The number of tigers on the planet has decreased from almost 100.000 to approx 3500. The main reason: the tiger is in conflict with mankind.


The tiger symbolizes the decline of our society as well as its values and norms. WOC. has therefore chosen the tiger as a symbol of a cry for change, for more awareness. A roar for consciousness.


Humans are in conflict with themselves and are apparently not capable of finding a solution.


World of Consciousness wants to help to find an antidote by spreading knowledge, insights, and wisdom by being your curator.


The WOC. team

Solange de Booij

Solange was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to the political situation at the time, she and her family moved to Brussels where she followed the Lycée Français and studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts.


She initially focuses on painting but has in the meantime embraced her passion for drawing. She works under the pseudonym Sokia. She is married to Albert de Booij and lives and works in the Netherlands.

Maria van Boekelen

Maria studied psychology at Leiden University and has been active since 1999 at the intersection of personality, change, and new technology


She develops new concepts together with Albert and acts as a change agent within the WOC. network. Over the past year, she has also developed as an independent journalist and multimedia producer. Central themes in her work are the influence of new technology on society, democracy, and awareness.


Don de Bruijn

Don studied Graphic Design and Communication Design Management

He is the graphic designer of the prestigious World of Consciousness Magazine. Don loves to play tennis, follows a plant-based lifestyle, and lives with his wife Babs on his beautiful farm outside of Rotterdam.

Kiki Verschuuren

Anthropologist and Remedial Educationalist


Kiki is involved in World of Consciousness since its founding in 2016. She helps to develop the curated content for the WOC. tribe and works closely with Albert de Booij. She lives in Italy and the Netherlands.

Kiki Verschuren

Christianne van Wijk

Award-winning Director, Producer, Writer, Presenter, and Intuitive Counsellor


Her passion is shining a light on topics that can help humanity gain a better understanding of issues that taint our society and how to expand consciousness.

Jacques Geluk

Jacques is a professional journalist for decades and has reported on international broadcasting for 18 years. He interviewed hundreds of American and European television stars and hosts.


For the last 10 years Jacques has specialized in interviewing spiritual leaders, medical doctors, (plant-based) food experts, artists, economists, authors, and politicians. He is the editor of the highly appreciated World of Consciousness Magazine.

Sophia de Ridder

Sophia is our youngest team member. She supports WOC. in the field of social media and other various projects.


She has a passion for Japanese culture and designs and creates outfits based on characters from fictional works. After her gap year, she will start with an international bachelor's degree in psychology.