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The Netherlands


"World of Consciousness is a platform for conscious knowledge, mind science, spirituality and uplifting, inspiring and truthful information.

World of Consciousness is a Movement to raise awareness and to reform this misdirected civilisation."

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Andrea den Hartog


Andrea den Hartog was born in 1998 and lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She studied Event Organization and graduated in 2018.

Andrea grew up with the Standard Western Diet which resulted in a painful, swollen stomach and many other complaints.

 During her internship at Speakers Academy® International she was inspired by Founder and CEO Albert de Booij, who appeared to be a strong advocate of a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. The moment she started following the guidelines of a healthy (vegan) diet her physical condition improved. Since  a couple of years she was also suffering from different blood values and an iron deficiency. Taking iron tablets did not change this deficiency. Being constantly tired and feeling lethargic - symptoms of a fatigue syndrome-  she noticed that her dietary changes ceased the causes of this syndrome.

When Albert de Booij asked her to join the World of Consciousness Team, she did not hesitate for a moment.

She finds it great to be part of a team that makes new generations  conscious of the advantages of a vegan lifestyle.  With this lifestyle the suffering of animals will end (and of human beings!).

Her energy is back, her blood values set back to normal and being aware of saving animals is a great source of happiness  for her.


“If we hurt nature and animals, we hurt ourselves” - Andrea