Maria van Boekelen


Maria van Boekelen (1967) studied psychology at Leiden University and has been active since 1999 at the intersection of HR, psychometrics and IT.

She advises companies on the field of psychometrics, diversity, 21st century skills and the impact of new tech on daily life and work.
The occupy movement (2011) inspired her to participate in the public debate about the role of the banks, social and economic inequality and the lack of 'real democracy' around the world. She organised "The Economic Summit for Worried Citizens" and hosted various debates with local and national politicians and journalists . She aimed for change via direct dialogue and offered people an opportunity to ask questions themselves and obtain information.

Maria has also developed herself as an independent journalist and multimedia producer. Central themes in her work are the influence of new technology on democracy, surveillance capitalism and privacy.
In 2017 she co-produced the documentary Digitropolis. An overview about the impact of big tech on today's society. To boost awareness of this, the producers hosted an interactive road show through the Netherlands with the aim of informing interested parties and to form a active social network.

As someone who has a broad knowledge of various subjects she has the ability to connect the dots. ans is not afraid to change her mind. With her enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation to truly want to understand people, Maria creates a lively and personal atmosphere for both the guest and the viewers.

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