Don de Bruijn


Don de Bruijn was born in 1976 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After studying Graphic Design (MBO, degree) and Communication Design Management (HBO, degree) he started working as a graphic designer.

The death of his father in 1998 had a great impact on his life and he realized that to live a happy and healthy life was and is of great importance. One has to catch the moment, here and now, as everything is impermanent.

In 2008 he married Barbara (Babs) and both became deeply  aware of nature’s beauty and infinite wisdom, and of the notion that all living beings should live in joy, peace, harmony and freedom.

In 2010 he suffered from very heavy headaches (migraine) and this led to a long journey to find out what were the root causes  of this severe suffering. He learned to change his diet and found out that by eliminating all animal products his headaches disappeared.

In 2013 he started a cooperation with Speakers Academy® at the head office in Rotterdam. Here he met Founder and CEO Albert de Booij and from this moment on he came in contact with many interesting and inspiring lectures and personalities.

Dr. Will Tuttle’s bestselling book “The World Peace Diet”(advised by Albert de Booij) changed his view on  human civilization profoundly. To become vegan was a logic step to connect again with the oneness of nature and to follow his inner voice.

In his free time Don plays the drums, loves to play tennis and he enjoys gardening at his beautiful farm just outside Rotterdam.


"The World of Consciousness website contains a huge source of useful and critical information for living a healthy and spiritual life. If you are committed, to watch all documentaries, interviews and films, one will definitely change ones life and future. " - Don de Bruijn