Kiki Verschuuren


Kiki Verschuuren sees herself as a life long learner, she is always hungry for new knowledge  and she loves to explore new things. She has a reflective and philosophical nature, which was already evident at the age of eight, when she contemplated with a friend 'what would be behind the universe'.


Her fascination for people, different cultures, religions and ways of living led her to explore the world. She has lived in Greece, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia and is now based in the Netherlands. She has a degree in Tourism, in Cultural Anthropology and she is a certified Mindfulness Teacher for Children


Kiki is a strong advocate for equality and she celebrates diversity and uniqueness. She has always been deeply concerned with the elevation of suffering of (human) beings. As a stubborn idealist, she feels that her mission in life is to make the world a better place. For this reason, she works close together with Albert de Booij (founder of World of Consciousness® and of Speakers Academy®). As a volunteer, she works with children at a refugee center.


Kiki is passionate about the science of a meaningful and joyous life, exploring qualities like compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and and how this knowledge has the potential to changes lives for the better. In her own life she certainly experienced the benefits of mindfulness and compassion practices. She thinks that we all have good and bad habits but also that we have the possibility to change the patterns in our brain. What we focus on grows, thus over time, with awareness and practice, we cán in fact change ourselves and in turn change the world, Kiki believes.


In her free time Kiki enjoys practicing yoga and qigong and she is engaged in various social activities with friends. She continues studying Taoism and Buddhism.