Mind the Matrix II

The Complete series

10 episodes + 2 free episodes | 45 min. per episode | English

$ 12.99 for the complete series | 1 year

by Christianne van Wijk

On 10/10/10 I was gifted with a vision. A vision that shifted my life 180 degrees. I knew that I had to take seriously what I was shown and that all of my energy had to be directed at THE BIG SHIFT. I thought it was going to happen around 2014 and when it didn’t, for a while I thought that maybe the Universe had changed plans. Still, I kept going, as deep within me I knew ONE THING: I had to make films to assist with the awakening of humanity. To help them remember their true essence. For, the power and light of global awakening would burst through the limiting boundaries of the matrix.

After the success of the first film Mind the Matrix that was offered free of charge on YouTube, spirit nudged me to make a sequel: The series.

This 12 episode series is now completed and ready to be viewed.

Each episode guides us through a particular aspect of LIFE, the HUMAN EXPERIENCE and our SPIRIT.  In a grounded, accessible and real way, the 12 episodes take the viewer through what is spirit, how to clear trauma, how to conceive, birth and raise our children, how children can ‘learn’,  how to look after our vessels, what external dangers we must look out for, treatment of the animals species, eco living and our relationship with the earth, future templates, spiritual science and relationships. Over 500 minute of expert interviews and stunning locations in New Zealand, America, Japan, England and the Netherlands."

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