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"World of Consciousness is a platform for conscious knowledge, mind science, spirituality and uplifting, inspiring and truthful information.

World of Consciousness is a Movement to raise awareness and to reform this misdirected civilisation."

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Mind the Matrix II

RELEASE DATE: 11/11 11:11

visit mindthematrix.com to stream the entire series

Episode 1 - SPIRIT

The importance of reuniting with the full integrity of our spirit and source

Episode 2 - BE THE CHANGE

Healing (ancestral) trauma



Conception, birthing and guiding children to adulthood


Episode 4 - ESSENCE

Keeping our children in  essence and authenticity


Episode 5 - THE VESSEL

The body as the vessel for the soul and the spirit



External dangers that threaten the experience of the human                  


Episode 7 - VEGAN RISING

The rise of renewed relationships between all sentient beings


Episode 8 - GAIA

Our relationship with the Earth


Episode 9 - A NEW PARADIGM

New ways of living (monetary systems and communities)



The marriage of spirit and science




Episode 11 - AFTER DEATH

A touching account of an NDE with Maori author Hone Edmonds


Episode 12 - SACRED UNION

New ways of relating to our partners

These are exciting times on our Earth realm and subsequently also in our entire universe, in all dimensions.

We are gathering a large number of lifetimes, processing and integrating them. This involves the healing of accumulated trauma throughout thousands of years, stored in our DNA and lodged in our body-cell memory.

The healing of this is of vital importance if we are to move to the next level of reality; individually and as a collective.

We are invited to embark on this journey, first and foremost by healing ourselves. This is reflected to the outside world, where we meet other reflections of healed people. This creates a fractal process within which we can populate the planet with a new reality. As a unified group involving all sentient beings: The different races, genders and ages together as a collective consciousness.

Within the current Matrix we have been dealing with opposing forces that have caused a long drawn out scene of divide and rule. Natural brothers and sisters have been fighting each other for eons, convinced they are enemies.

This has caused an immense suffering within us. 

Many humans are waking up and have started this healing process, worldwide.

This series is here to help those who have decided to be part of the positive new timeline. It will give handy and practical tools about what we can do - on multiple levels - to get through this current shift, with joy and courage and reconnect with our true essence.

MIND THE MATRIX the series will do this in the form of expert interviews, highlighting people who pioneer new paradigms, those who work behind the scenes, the projects that the mainstream doesn't know about yet, whistleblowers, next dimension inventors and scientists and world-wide self organising communities.

However, in the frame of 'better to know thy enemy' we will also look into what this opposing consciousness is and how we can learn to recognise the deceptive methods with which it operates.