The most exciting time to be alive is now!

Series Mind the Matrix by World of Consciousness and Christianne van Wijk.

To be released Summer 2019!

First 10 episodes

1: Today’s state of Humanity. State of consciousness and clearing collective trauma.

2: The influence of the mainstream media on people’s state of mind. New media systems.

3: The influence of environmental factors on sentient beings and the planet. Environmental inventions and projects.

4: The influence of food, water and pharmaceuticals on our minds, bodies, emotions and spiritual clarity. Holistic healing.

5: New paradigm societies. Looking after our Elderly and Children. Self-organising harmonious societies.

6: The child’s mind and its response to doctrine and programming. The importance of a safe and open minded childhood. The current school system and new paradigm school systems.

7: Animals. What is their message? Our relationship with them. Their role on the planet. Animals as a food source and the effects eating meat has on our bodies, minds and soul.

8: Relationships, sexual preferences, racism. Why are many people feeling divided? Why do conventional relationships often no longer work?

9: Politics, banks and corporations. How are they run now and how can we bring it back into harmony.

10: Cosmic disclosures: Star seeds, Extra-Terrestrials, beings from other dimensions. Who are they and what is their role in our paradigm shift. Are they benevolent or malevolent? Or both?

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