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Be Free - 8 steps on your path to Happiness

Follow your heart

Don’t study law if you want to be a violinist, don’t study economics if you want to become a fashion designer or a photographer. Don’t go for an MBA if - deep in your heart - you want to be an artist. If you would pursue your dream you will be happy for the rest of your life. And... life is all about happiness!

Be critical

Do not accept any authority. Not from religious leaders, politicians, friends, media, family. Be your own critic. Accept only the authority of your conscience. Do not conform yourself to society if this feels wrong. Forget what the world thinks of you.

Step out of your comfort zone

Stay out of the cage, stay out of the matrix. Stay out of debts, they will put you in the survival mode for the rest of your life, and thus you will be inactive and powerless.

Follow one religion

This religion is called Kindness. Get rid of all religions and certainly the religion called ego as the ego is the biggest cause of suffering. The ego is the concept that you are separate from everything else.

Eliminate the poisons that obstruct your road to happiness

I mention some: greed, hatred, jealousy, fear and ignorance. Many human beings suffer from these vices and as result humanity as a whole struggle to move forward and to find the right path.

The more you work to let go of them, the more you will be able to find peace and happiness. When ignorance ends, true happiness begins. You can only change the world if you change yourself. By developing yourself you can vibrate influence into the world, touching each person you meet right in the heart. You don’t need money, you don’t need power, you have just to find yourself.

‘Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness" -

J o d o r o w s k i

Some things in life are free

Applying these things will bring a lot of happiness. These things are: compassion, presence, awareness and love. You will be rewarded by anyone around you if you radiate these virtues. There is nothing as beautiful and precious as a smile born out of loving kindness.

Presence means that if someone is in need, or depressed, you say ‘I am here for you, right now’.

Compassion does not mean pity

It means that you want to relief the suffering of the other person without co-suffering as this would only double the suffering.

Love means love for all sentient beings

All! Awareness will make your unconscious conscious. Awareness, therefore, is of tremendous importance. It will lead to action. It is not easy to follow this path, but if you would try at least, you would find peace and happiness ánd you would live more in the present. Because, if you are depressed you are living in the past and if you are anxious or full of fear you are living in the future. And this will make you forget that you live today.

Robert Frost wrote a beautiful poem, called ‘The Road less Traveled by’, that ends with the sentence: 'I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference’

Have a great future and a nice walk on your path.


Albert de Booij CEO and Founder of Speakers Academy® and World of Consciousness®

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