‘Every nation should be a beautiful flower in the meadow of the miracle called life’

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Marcel Messing - Speech of a representative of Utopia to the United Nations General Assembly*

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Ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies, Our country considers it a privilege to speak for you today, hoping and trusting to find a willing ear. Through you, we address all political, legal, financial, military, social, journalistic and religious leaders in the world.

Our country is called Utopia, also known as nowhere land, because it does not belong to the world we know. Utopia is an open, unified country, where people live in solidarity, and without borders, walls, or barbed wire. In almost all countries of the world there are border guards and posts, and innumerable signs giving information such as the direction to a certain destination, but no signs indicating the direction towards living your life in peace with other people. Countless are your institutions, tall buildings and organisations aimed at uniting people. But what do you want to unite when selfishness is the foundation of it? The many walls on your planet express separateness and division, because that is the way you are used to live. They are a reflection of powerlessness and selfishness, of petrified beliefs and ideologies in which togetherness is embedded. The higher your walls, the greater your fear. The more barbed wire, the greater your vulnerability. Utopia is free of all this.

Utopia is not a promised land for a chosen people. The idea of a special race, group or religion has never taken root in Utopia, because we live in unity with the universal Spirit of love. Why should the Creator of all life favour one of his children if all children are equally dear to Him? If one nation considers itself better than another, oppression, war and sorrow are the result. The kingdom of love, the promised land is within us, nearer than hands and feet. No motorways or air routes lead to it. In Utopia every nation is considered to be a beautiful flower in the meadow of the miracle called life. Each people is a unique expression of the One. If flowers of love are allowed to bloom everywhere, slogans such as freedom, equality and brotherhood are superfluous.

Utopia is a spiritual realm, in which the universal Spirit of love unites all and everything. This realm is also present in you, although many seem to have forgotten this. Political systems, ideologies, various teachings and many dogmas keep your spirit imprisoned. Many have become blind to the true world and deaf to the true harmony of the spheres. The dimension of time and space does not exist in Utopia. The realm has no political systems, and television, computers, internet, satellites, smartphones, nanotechnology, robotics or genetic engineering are not available. Our valleys are filled with silence and beauty, not with futuristic buildings where new technologies increasingly alienate human beings from themselves. In essence, giant technology companies are dwarves of the mind. In Utopia, everything is done effortlessly. Heavy labour and great efforts do not exist here. Sickness, suffering, old age and death are absent. Unity and harmony in thought, word and deed are the basis of our lives. Love enables everything. Love shows us that all living beings are our brothers and sisters.

We do not know thick law books. We have neither judges, lawyers, prosecutors, or bailiffs, nor prisons. There are no bars in our minds. In your countries, there's no difference between who's behind bars and who's in front of them. Both are prisoners. There is only one law we know: the Law of Holy Life, which is written in our hearts. Not in books or on stone tablets, but in the flow of life, in the seasons, the clear streams, the singing of birds, the starry night, the tender love. Because we live from our hearts, crime and enemies do not exist. Army and police are unknown to us as well. Nonviolence is our true nature. Control, cameras, intelligence and security services are alien to us. They come from a broken relationship with the universal Spirit of love. We are guided by unlimited trust.

We don't have banks. We regard a rampant money system with fluctuating interest rates, loans, dividends, securities and savings accounts as an expression of perversion. Powerful top bankers who arrange everything behind the scenes of the world for their own interests determine war and peace in your world. Their dark eyes only see money. We know their names and countries of origin. Even though they are scattered all over the world, we know about their dark deeds, tricks and lies, lobbies and secret societies, political and military power, and lack of love. Because of that, millions of people are killed each year.

There is no money in Utopia. It is regarded as a demon that can easily poison the human mind, causing divisions, strife and wars. Many misanthropists in your countries pose as philanthropists. They steal the bread from the mouths of their brothers and sisters, bring them to the beggary, to a life full of suffering and misery. What do they do with all their outer riches and their worldly treasures? What about their inner riches?

Utopia’s children are raised in truth and truthfulness, in sharing and donating together, helping and supporting each other. We do not have a tax system. Who would want to tax whom or what if everything is based on trust, sharing and cooperation?

Ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies, The land on which your building has been erected once belonged to one of the most powerful and wealthy families on earth. Once there was a slaughterhouse on this land. Now leaders gather from all over the world to talk about peace. Yet, never before has there been so much killing and slaughtering. The money changers and most powerful representatives of your organisation still determine almost everything that happens in the world. They try to ride two horses at the same time and don't see that they are crippled. Where is the progress in moral values, the respect for all living beings since your organisation was founded in 1947? With whom and with what are you actually united? The world hears your speeches and sometimes hurtful words, listens to your decisions and at the same time sees the great suffering that flows through the beds of life, red as blood.

Your planet is in great danger, and you know this. Everything is on the verge of collapse. You already live on the ruins of a decayed civilisation. Many dance to it, others die in it, clinging to a life built on matter, full of selfishness, self-interest and exploitation. The elements have been very seriously disturbed, the seas and oceans, the real lungs of the earth, poisoned. The once crystal clear water from which all life originated, has become turbid by thousands of waste products. Malignant algae growth is increasing alarmingly. Coral reefs are dying and countless beautiful fish and aquatic animals are suffering a slow and painful death. Your nuclear submarines, countless internet cables and kilometres of gas and oil pipelines disrupt the language of whales and dolphins, the kings of the seas that unite countless sea creatures. The once perfectly pure air is totally poisoned now. Modern transport and industry, the poisonous traces in the sky that are deliberately plotted, the monstrous instruments to influence or determine the weather, will eventually take the breath away of all of us, including those who are responsible for creating this situation. The earth is not in good shape. Our once so precious earth with its countless species of life, plants, herbs, animals, insects, raw materials, minerals, is tired and matted, shivering with fever, seriously ill, weeping. While you fight over every metre of ground, and your lawyers prepare thousands of laws about ground, air and water, the earth weeps for your ignorance, unwillingness and desires. Its tears merge with swirling rivers, and the water in seas and oceans. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and global fires plague the earth because you no longer live in harmony with Creation.

Many of you are still reacting from the thought 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. In many places rebellion, enmity, bitterness and discontent rule. Revenge and violence feed each other. Have you still not discovered the truth that whoever takes up the sword will perish by the sword? That violence can never be solved by violence? That hate can never make hate go away? That peace can only be achieved through a sincere pursuit of peace? Your great teachers spoke of forgiveness and compassion, not retribution and hate. The majority of your planet’s leaders want to rule, rather than serve, but fact is that they cannot even control themselves. It doesn't do any good if weapons are sold with the one hand and peace treaties signed with the other. Numerous are the peace treaties, even more numerous are the conflicts and wars. All weapons have already been tried, from club, bow and arrow to atomic bomb, biological and chemical weapons, energy weapons, sound weapons, lasers. Military leaders dream of star wars. Your earth is a ticking time bomb.

If you want peace, you must strive with heart and soul for peace, not war. A priest blessing weapons before you go to war, means breaking the relationship with the universal Spirit of love. Your anthems testify of struggle and power, dividing nations instead of uniting them. Listen to the inner song of the nightingale, the song of love, dedicated to the One, to all that is! False flags are not appreciated. Be as a people a beautiful flower in the beautiful meadow of the world. Hoist the flag of the true union of souls. A flag of love, which blows on the wind of grace. Unfortunately, grace no longer knows you, because an abundance of technology has placed a chill in your heart, confused and troubled your mind. Many of your flags are associated with predators: lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, griffins, dragons and snakes. Where is the white dove of peace?

A special word to the young people who peacefully demonstrate all over the world against the destruction of the earth and rapid climate changes. Bombard your politicians with critical questions. Make contact with scientists who barely get the chance to speak. Investigate what is going on with the sun, why there is climate and geo-engineering. Wonder what you learn in schools, academies and universities and find out what you are not told. Talk to teachers and professors, interview industrialists, billionaires and powerful lobbyists, investigate the information being disseminated by mainstream media, social media and film industry, and the powers behind it. What did you learn about life? What did you learn through the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Do you know each other's faces? The smile? Does your life have a spiritual purpose? Is evolution blind, produced by a ‘blind watchmaker’? Did cells clump together by chance, in other words did life arise by chance, natural selection, the law of the strongest, or does your heart whisper something else? Your restlessness, insecurity, despair and protest and despair are very understandable, but do not be deceived by those who try to abuse you in order to realise their interests. Are you aware that a lot of money is made from climate problems? Life has become a ship without a compass, heading straight for a great catastrophe. I call upon you to be the compass. Do what you can! Life is counting on you.

I would like to ask rabbis, priests and mullahs, representatives of synagogues, temples, churches and mosques why their religions have not led to fraternisation? Why all the divisions, scandals, wars and terror? Can truth be proclaimed when lies are served? Can one mediate between God and man when God dwells in the heart of every man? Can a rabbi, a priest or a mullah who is not himself anchored in the divine enlighten others? Beliefs do not flourish. Ignite the flambé of truth in your heart, unite the masculine and feminine in yourself and get rid of all the ballast in your mind. This time demands inner experience, not conflicting ideologies and theology or false world religions.

Deep in your heart you know that God does not need temples full of splendour with black and white tile floors and impressive pillars or full of symbols. What you call God, the all-pervading universal Spirit of love, the Intelligence present in all intelligence, is honoured nowhere but in the tabernacle of one's own heart. God is not interested in temple treasures, colourful rose windows, lofty domes, precious paintings or brocade robes, instead He asks for a pure heart, an immaculate spirit, a sincere attitude to life. The whole universe is God's temple. The stars are its chandeliers, the smell of truth is its incense, its altar is every mountain. Living a holy life is better than reciting misunderstood texts from holy books. That makes the taking of the oath on a holy book superfluous, because 'the word of God' lives and germinates in one's own heart. Where the seed of love is sown, love germinates. Where the seed of hate is sown, hate germinates. Heaven and hell exist in one's own consciousness. Raise the sword to heaven, hell is there. Lower it and heaven opens. Your knowledge increases daily, so does your ignorance. Knowledge that splits to the very core of the atom. Knowledge that tries to expose the world of the smallest and the greatest. Do you really know how life came to be? Through evolution? Through a big bang? You speak of parallel universes, but hardly know your neighbours. You talk about the furthest galaxies, but you don't know the closest secrets of the heart. You talk about globalisation, but don't know what happens in your own village or city. You speak of extra-terrestrials, but do not recognise the boundless insides of your soul. Your fingers reach for new solar systems and galaxies, while a tender touch is forgotten. You speak of black holes, but do not see the shadow within you. You speak of wormholes, but kill the useful worms in your fields, which are necessary for a fertile earth. You dream of other planets and colonisation of space, but do not give space to each other. Your lust, that devours the earth, will devour other planets as well. There too, military bases will be build and the prowl for raw materials will destroy everything. Star wars will rage. Some of your scientists are already trying to create a new human being in their image and likeness: a soulless human, a slave, a robot. These ideas are loveless.

Utopians know that their Father's house has many dwellings. For us, what you call progress is regression: regression of moral awareness, ethical values, respect for life, sincere language, love of truth. Your scientific words are sometimes like sharp knives that kill the poetry of life. You no longer acknowledge that you are beings with a soul. Breathe in and out. Consider your breathing, your heartbeat, the movement of your hands, your feet, your shining eyes, your ears that are able to receive sounds from silence. Do you know the breeze of inspiration, the soft voice that speaks when you are silent, the soundless sound on which all speech, sounds, music and creation is based? Cut a flower in half, and its scent escapes you. Peel life like an onion, and tears appear in your eyes. Do you know the greatness of the soul in which all worlds meet, the fragrance of love, which unites all smells but is itself odourless, the eye in which all seeing meets? Did your knowledge bring self-knowledge or wisdom, the mother of all that is?

Cut the threads of slavery and see who your slavers are. Your mind can communicate with all existence without energy consuming equipment. Your world is full of carcinogenic radiation, killing body, soul and spirit step by step. Living dead bury more dead every day. Around you are more and more refugees, chased away by selfish forces. But do you realise that you too are a refugee among refugees? The wind of great purges has risen and swells daily. It will turn everything inside out. Then where are you? Are your roots reaching for heaven?

Ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies, The inhabitants of Utopia are your brothers and sisters. We have all emerged from the wordless mystery of existence, expressed throughout creation. We are all one! The awareness that everything is connected to everything can guide you. The all-pervading love is the highest energy in the universe. The open hands of love invite compassion and forgiveness. May trust in the light, truth and love open your hearts.

May these words fall like seeds into the grail of your heart and grow into roses of light. May peace be with us all. Peace that surpasses all reason. Peace that fills North and South, East and West, nadir and zenith with the purest light, the highest love. May it be so!

This speech was delivered November 16, 2019, in the theatre hall of Perron 3 in Rosmalen (the Netherlands), following a discussion on the subject 'Who or what is God'. The speech is a non-profit project. Everyone is free to use this speech in its entirety or to translate it into an additional language.

Marcel Messing

Marcel Messing, born in The Hague (the Netherlands) studied anthropology, philosophy and comparative religious studies, among other things. For a long time he worked in higher education as a staff lecturer, dean and scientific collaborator of the international Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in Amsterdam. For a number of years he was the director of various theatre groups, campaigned for non-violence for many years, and established the Gandhi peace dove prize in the Netherlands (Stichting Geweldloos Actief). He is the author of some 30 books, several of which have been translated. He has also published many articles and various collections of poems. He regularly spoke for various radio broadcasters, was advisor to the Dutch television series ‘Via Mystica’, and gave hundreds of lectures and seminars in various countries. He stayed in India several times where he enjoyed teaching Tibetan Rinpoche's (precious teachers) in a Tibetan monastery, exchanged knowledge between East and West and was a temporary member of the 'Club of Budapest', the successor of the Club of Rome. As chairman of the Lindenhof Foundation, which he founded, he has been closely involved in various development projects in India and Poland. Since a few years he lives with his life companion in the French Pyrenees where he is currently working on a book about the critical state of our planet, viewed from various dimensions.

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