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Food, Drinks and Treats

Enjoy happy and healthy vegan treats!

La Fauxmagerie

The UK's first plant-based cheesemonger

La Fauxmagerie offers the best vegan cheese along with the perfect accompaniments to enjoy plant-based cheese for any occasion.


Delicious chocolates, cakes and other savory delicacies

A highly curated selection of delicious plant-based foods, drinks and treats, crafted by the nation's best independent and artisan makers.


Your favorite food made meatless

Delicious plant-based meat, fish and soups. Don't forget to explore the recipes for delicious, nutritious, and filling meals.

The Naughty Cookie

These cookies may look naughty on the outside..

but on the inside, they're on their sweetest behavior, because they're cruelty-free! Freshly baked and shipped to your door.

Carl Jung Wines

A fine assortment of the best non-alcoholic wines since 1908

It's all about the flavor. Alcohol-free wines make sense in today's health-conscious environment. They are more than just a fad - they are a new habit.

Ippodo Tea

High-quality Japanese tea

More than simply quench your thirst. It can calm you and restore a sense of peace. Taking a break to prepare and enjoy Japanese tea makes your everyday life richer and more fulfilling.

Prana Chai

Everything you may expect from this energizing brew

Hand made for you without machines, additives or preservatives to ensure the Prana (life force) in their product stays intact.


Phenomenally vegan cheese and butter

Miyoko offers an impressive range of world-changing cheese & butter made from plant milk.


Healthy, organic foods can taste amazing for kids too!

Clean nutrition and healthy living by Dr Andrew Abraham, an integrative medicine specialist.

Free From Fellows

Award-winning beautifully delicious vegan sweets

Natural flavours & colours, free from gelatine, GMO, soy, dairy, peanuts, and gluten.

Castle Kitchen

Enjoy the rich, chocolate mixes and delicious pancakes

Plant-Based, Vegan-Friendly, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and made without artificial flavours or preservatives.


Super-functional coffee alternatives, caffeine free

Exhausted? An adaptogenic herb will perk you up. Wired as heck? That same adaptogenic herb will calm you down. Yes, they really are that brilliant.

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