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Center Gradient Transparent

Prof. T. Colin Campbell

His course on Nutrition & Health at Cornell University in New York is an absolute eye-opener.


Robyn Openshaw

Who guided us through a 26-day detox journey, a fantastic physical and spiritual experience.


Dr Matthias Rath

Who’s Health Alliance introduced us to the basis of cellular medicine.

David ‘avocado’ Wolfe

The flamboyant, sympathetic expert, and speaker on raw foods. A great source of inspiration and motivation.


Nutrition expert

Katrina Carillo-Bucaram

With hundreds of irresistible recipes.

Center Gradient Transparent

Roadmap to Action

The following organizations and individuals were of great inspiration to us. If you want to take action to make this world a better place, please be inspired.

Dr Neal Barnard


Dr Rui Hai Liu


Dr Michael Greger

Dr Doug Lisle

Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn

Dr William Li

Dr Dean Ornish

Dr John A. McDougall

Dr. Matthieu Ricard


Dr. Brian Clement

8000+ Films en Docs

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foster Gamble

Karen Armstrong

Sign the Charter for Compassion!

Albert de Booij

Solange Krischen

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