Roadmap to Action

The following organisations and individuals were of great inspiration for us and we are very grateful to them. If you want to take action to make this world a better place, please be inspired by these websites

Prof.T.Colin Campbell

His course on Nutrition & Health at Cornell University(Ithaca- NY) is an absolute eyeopener.


Robyn Openshaw

Who guided us through a 26-day detox-journey, a fantastic physical and spiritual experience.


Dr.Matthias Rath

Who’s Health Alliance introduced us to the basis of cellular medicine.


David ‘avocado’ Wolfe

The flamboyant, sympathic expert and speaker on raw foods.

A great source of inspiration and motivation.


The charming YouTube celebrity and nutrition expert’

Katrina Carillo-Bucaram

With hundreds of

irresistible recipes

Dr. Neal Barnard


Dr. Rui Hai Liu


Dr. Michael Greger


Dr. Doug Lisle


Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn


Dr. William Li


Dr. Dean Ornish


Dr. John A. McDougall


8000+ Films en Docs


Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foster Gamble

Albert de Booij


Solange Krischen


Karen Armstrong

Sign the Charter for Compassion!


Dr. Matthieu Ricard


Dr. Brian Clement

And prof dr.Peter C. Gøtzsche, dr.Gabor Lenkei, David Icke, Mark Passio and hundreds of other researchers, scientists and filmmakers searching for the truth.

Inner World

Nutrition, Health & Body

Nurture your body with health and exercise tips. Join the growing vegan community.



All about mindfulness,


spirituality and compassion.


Visit the World’s most beautiful resorts to rejuvenate.

Health Institutes and clinics

Discover the whole body approach to wellness.


Outer World


Learn more about the inspiring and sometimes

destructive expressions of society.


Nature & Ecology

Discover the beauty of Nature and the measures

needed to safeguard it.



Vast, infinite and mysterious. The cosmos remains

the realm of the unkown.


Learn from shamans and the wisdom of forgotten tribes.