(2019) Self Actualization | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

The Angry Hippie

The third instalment of the Awakening documentaries. ’The Awakening of Gaia’ was about realizing that we are all connected and to the Earth itself. ‘The Next Lost Civilization’ was about realizing the truth about our society and our history — recalling a forgotten episode of history as well as a lost civilization that was destroyed by a catastrophe. ‘Self Actualization’ is about discovering the truth about the nature of reality. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself as all manifestations of matter. The Universe is a multidimensional fractal living organism. Shedding light on psychedelic experiences as well as systems of knowledge such as sacred geometry. If enough people undergo the process of self actualization, it would grant an opportunity for a paradigm shift. Allowing mankind to transcend into Neohumanism. The next stage of our evolution.

(00:00) Intro
(08:08) Part 1: Fractal Geometry
(13:01) Part 2: The Living Universe
(21:17) Part 3: Multidimensional Reality
(30:29) Part 4: The Dark Matter Fractal Field
(34:18) Part 5: Consciousness
(43:38) Part 6: Psychedelic Connection
(49:20) Part 7: Neohumanism

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