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1 KEY Reason People Suffer | A Buddhist Monk Explains

Nick Keomahavong

1 KEY Reason People Suffer | A Buddhist Monk Explains

From my experience, a key factor to why so many people are suffering nowadays is because they don't live and honor their true nature. I hope this video gives you a different perspective to looking at your own suffering. I share this not to judge your life, but to simply give you one more framework to looking at your situation. I hope this video finds you well :) Enjoy! #monk #mindfulness #buddhistmonk

0:00 Intro
7:36 Suffering in therapy
9:11 How to suffer less
9:36 What's next?
9:59 Who you SHOULD be
10:59 Who you WANT to be
12:14 Who you ARE
14:26 Why I share this

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