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Ajeet Kaur - Kiss the Earth (La Luna) [Live in Amsterdam]

Spirit Voyage

Ajeet Kaur performing "Kiss the Earth" live in Amsterdam with Ezra Landis and Raffa Martinez.

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This is a song to connect to the moon, to the grandmother guiding wisdom. It is a song of love, letting go, and embracing the wisdom and magical mystery of life.

Walk quietly my love
Let’s kiss this earth we walk upon
With our steps
The moon she shines
In the silence of your mind
Close your eyes
YaYa La Luna
What is the sound
Of the song in your heart
Listen Close
Dance wildly my love
Let’s throw our songs into the wind
and let them echo echo
YaYa La Luna
La Luna Illumina
Grandmother Moon illuminates

"Kiss the Earth" is from the album "Haseya"

Available at:

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and everywhere that music is sold.

#AjeetKaur #KissTheEarth

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