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Amazing Fitness & Health Live Walkthrough w/the Tadlocks

Thomas Tadlock

When we do the real seminar, it will be divided into 2 days, healing and body transformation. The real seminar is going to be August 6-7 at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa. Doors will open to early bird registration this week. Early-bird tickets will be $495 (regularly $795 + $95 unlimited smoothie bar fee). There are only 20 spots.

We will walk you through our entire event, teaching a bit from each section that will teach in Las Vegas with slides. The sections are:
* How to raise your metabolism in 1 day and keep it high forever.
* The top foods to avoid that are hurting your health and how - this includes certain vegan foods thought of as healthy.
* The absolute best exercises for removing fat.
* The fastest fat burning foods you can eat, and how to make them taste delicious.
* The 4 best exercises for building muscle at any age.
* 6 steps to reversing and healing from ANY inflammatory disease.
* Building healing smoothies - what needs to go in them, how much to have, and for how long.
* What supplements actually heal, and which ones hurt.
* The most common "health foods" that actually make you fatter.
* Case studies - practice healing and reversing diseases of real people. How to give people back their lives.

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