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Ambient Music For Reality Escape — Work/Study — Infinity Radio

Chill Music Lab

Ambient/drone radio for work or studying with stunning visuals

This radio features ambient and downtempo instrumental music commonly used to create a positive mood which indirectly boosts memory formation. Here you will find songs with soothing warm pianos and delightful violin melodies. Some of the tracks contain sounds of nature such as rain, waterfalls, and the seashore waves that decrease stress and anxiety. It is proven that calming background music with sustained sounds improves focus and boosts motivation. During long studies or work sessions, our radio will aid your endurance. Neoclassical tracks are famous for minimizing distractions while white noise present in these tunes optimizes concentration, reduces the learning curve and working time, and improves creativity and clarity.

For best results keep our music in the background to accord both sides of the brain, prepare to seize this day, and as always, enjoy the music!

📷 Image author and inspirator
Michał Karcz

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Genre: Ambient, Drone, Modern Classical, Contemporary classical music
Style: Downtempo, Spacey Ambient
Mood: Inspiring, Peaceful, Night, Smooth, Calming, Soothing, Space, Nature
Duration: 24/7
Feature: Without Lyrics, No vocals

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