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Aro-Ha Retreat New Zealand


Aro-Ha Retreat, New Zealand

The Aro-Ha Retreat in Glenorchy, New Zealand is an "Adventure in Well Being" unlike anything I've experienced before.

The magical landscape alone is worth the price of admission, with rolling hills and crystal blue water that will take your breath away.

Speaking of having your breath taken away, you will do roughly 45km of strenuous hikes over the course of a 6 day retreat. You'll also have 11 yoga classes and 3-4 high intensity interval training classes as well.

Rest assured you'll have proper care with a massage each full-day, and plenty of time to access the beautiful spa facilities.

And you'll be fed organic and vegan meals which, even for a non-veggie like me, you'll find nothing but delectable.

Of course, the people you'll meet along the way will pull the entire experience together. I've forged relationships with other guests that will endure, and that's a testimony to Damien and the team he put together to foster such a communal environment.

Highly recommended to anyone who has the means and the curiosity about mindfulness and well-being.

Filmed May 3-8th, 2016

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