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Dr Michael Shermer | God does NOT exist


Dr Michael Shermer gives his argument against the existence of God.
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Dr Michael Shermer begins by saying that 84% of the world's population believe in some kind of organised religion and how do those who believe in a particular religion know that they have chosen the right one and everyone else has got it wrong?

He proceeds to explain two pieces of evidence that proves that humans made up God and religion and not the other way around. He starts with evolutionary theory saying that we are all descendants from cautious creatures who creator false positive rather than false negatives.
The creation of an agency (an omnipotent being) within a religion is a powerful force of social control. Then the second line of evidence is the what ever social environment were born into we would be exposed to the dominant religion in that environment i.e. India -- Hinduism, Europe -- Christianity.
Filmed on Thursday 8th November 2012

Author and Founder of the Skeptics Society.

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