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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith On Manifestation, Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Life Visioning


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Interview - Speaks On Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Life Visioning & Manifestation Michael Beckwith Also Speaks About Law Of Attraction, The Secret And How It's Possible To Change Your Life In One Year

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Special Thanks To Sean Patrick And Everyone At That Guy's House For This Amazing Interview:

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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


Michael Bernard Beckwith - Interview

spirituality is first of all every being is spiritual there's no one that's not spiritual there's spirit the word spiritual timeless eternal all had the same meaning so so being a spiritual being
means that we are an eternal being so spirituality is the process by which we come into that knowing we actually come into an awareness that we are spiritual there are many people that are sleepwalking who have no idea or their eternal beings they think their Genesis began with their parents getting together they think their Genesis is something that happened to them on the experiential level so they're not aware that their spiritual so
spirituality are the practices that we use to become aware of our spiritual nature so that the timeless eternal can begin to express through us that's intelligence it's love it's beauty its abundance I believe that we have first of all you use the word purpose yeah and so everyone has the same purpose and our purpose is to reflect and to reveal this grand cosmos this grand presence in a way that only we can so this presence which never makes a mistake and never does it do over has created us as unique beings so being spiritual means that we are activating the potential of who we are because no one else can be us we're the only ones that can be us so if we're not going to come into our full spiritual measure then that potential that is within us is lost okay so we are living from it from a mandate of that and so it's an imperative and because the universe is on purpose and the university is progressive it creates scenarios for us to wake up to come back to our purpose over and over and over again on planet Earth which is a school, of course, you have every single stage of development on one planet you have individuals that have no idea that they're spiritual that are operating from an instinctual animalistic consciousness all the way to people that
are where that their spiritual who are operating more from a divine context and every stage in between all on one plant every being lives in a different world okay based on their perception mm-hmm so most of the time I'm living in a very peaceful world the world that I'm living in a tremendous joy compassion friendship love prosperity that's the world I live in mm-hmm I see the other world but I'm not living in them absolutely yet okay now as long as there are individuals on the planet who have a belief in scarcity and separation then there's going to be that experience on the planet you see this is the way that that is but we are quickening to where the outer world is beginning to reflect a greater awareness of our oneness with life now it may not look like it but right now we're living on the planet and which is the most
peaceful time in human history based on the amount of population it's on the planet as less war mm-hmm less disease less killings on the planet right now that any time in human history to always hear about this, no we don't yeah so based on population I mean you're taken to consider the population it's the most peaceful one the most peaceful times on the planet it doesn't look like it but it is so when you step back and look at that then the outer world is starting to reflect the inner eternal values that are no old what I'd like to remind
people of is that the universe which is the external out-picturing of the order of the mind of God the mind of love beauty whatever name you want to put there it's progressive

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