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Enlightenment for Lazy People, Paul Smit


The wind is blowing, the grass is growing, the water is floating, the bird is flying and you are reading this text. It’s all just happening and no one is doing it. Isn’t that great?

Who is Paul Smit? That’s quite a philosophical question. But let’s pretend I am Paul Smit. In that case I play the role as a comedian and philosopher and I’ve written several books about nonduality and accidently also a movie. A long time ago, when I had long hair and played guitar in metal bands, I graduated on the ‘evolution of the human consciousness’. Right now I am one of the most demanded speakers in Holland which is really odd, because I keep telling the businessmen that there is no control at all… and they keep booking me?! Well, here you go, another example of no free will.

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