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Eva Carboni - Love Me Tonight

Red Grey Matter

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''Enjoy Your Day''
Buy Album➥ Italia Square by Eva Carboni
A sophisticated mix of blues, jazz and rock Genre #Blues Vocals Release Date 2019
About Eva Carboni ➥
Born in Sassari on the island of Sardinia, Eva Carboni is a singer, musician, writer, and fine artist . She studied at the prestigious Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles, graduating in singing with renowned vocal coach Elisabeth Howard, who has also coached the likes of Sting and Lionel Richie.
Although blues music is Eva's first passion, she is a versatile singer who has worked in a number of styles including Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Musical Theatre. Over the past few years she has performed with musician's such as Buddy Guy, Mario Schilliro (Zucchero), Derek Wilson, Marco Mendoza, Sergio Caputo, Frank McComb, and Vic Martin (Gary Moore).
Eva is the co-founder and artistic director of the popular Birdland Jazz Club in Sardinia, where she regularly hosts live shows, seminars, and vocal master classes. In 2017 she was guest vocalist on the track 'River of Life', by Blues rock guitarist Mick Simpson, and featured on his album 'Black Rain', which received airplay from Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2). For the past year Eva has been in the recording studio working with songwriter and producer Andy Littlewood on her debut solo album 'Italia Square'. The 14-track album is a cool mix of sultry jazzy blues, uplifting gospel, and attitude driven rock, and includes contributions by a host of top musician's including Mick Simpson, Giovanni Bruno, Andrius Linsdell, and Pete Nelson. A promotional tour is planned for late 2019, watch this space for details!
Lyrics: Love Me Tonight
A worn out man with a tired soul
Chasing the ghosts from long ago
He keeps on saying it will turn out right
I want you to love me tonight
I need you to love me tonight
He once had the world in the palm of his hand
A rising star, the guitar man
But drink took him over
And he lost the fight
He wants you to love him tonight
Says why don’t you love me tonight
That sweet home sound is taking him back home
To a place where he never felt alone
It was always so good there and he wanted to stay
But fate came along and pushed him away
Six steel strings, tears on my guitar
This lonely road has taken me so far
Blues in a bottle from my tortured soul
The pain inside has nowhere to go
The curtain calls to the sound of the band
I walk to the stage, is this the last chance
But will I be seeing my name in lights
I want you to love me tonight
I need you to love me tonight
I want you to love me tonight
I want you to love me
Love me tonight

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Eva Carboni, Love Me Tonight

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