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Flight of the Swans ~ Shastro & Suyana LIVE

Shastro Music & Meditation

Download this track here:
or the whole album recorded at Mandali:
A soulful improvisation by Shastro (bansuri) and Suyana (vocals). Soothing to the soul, it's music for a mystical inner journey...

"Down the ages, in all the mystery schools of the world, music has been used as one of the greatest helps for meditation, for this purpose only – because the outer music can trigger the inner music, it can create a synchronicity.
Listening to the outer music, something can be stirred inside. That always happens when you are listening to music, great music: something inside you starts falling into one unity, a silence is created. For a few moments the crowd of so many quarreling minds disappears, the market-place in you disappears, suddenly there is silence." ~ OSHO

For the new album recorded live during Shastro's events:

Check out the new MEDITATION for ALL series of talks by Shastro:

shastro, suyana, mandali, bansuri, hamsadwani, raga, female vocals

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