Full Debate | The Secrets of Consciousness | Philip Goff, Susan Blackmore, Nicholas Humphrey

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Is it a mistake to think we can explain consciousness by examining the brain?

Consciousness is a deep puzzle. There was hope that neuroscience might find some answers. But we still have no explanation for where brain activity ends and experience begins. Is it a mistake to think we can explain consciousness by examining the brain? Should we look elsewhere, to our evolutionary roots perhaps? Or might neuroscience pull the cat from the bag after all?

Barry C Smith, the phenomenal phenomenologist, hosts a hot panel:

Susan Blackmore, psychologist, professor and author, whose research looks into out of body experiences.

Philip Goff, Professor in Philosophy at the Central European University in Budapest, and keen advocate for panpsychism.

Nicholas Humphrey, a psychologist with a pioneering body of work into the evolution of intelligence and consciousness.

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