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Hari Om (May All Be Blessed) — Jahnavi Harrison - LIVE at the Shaw Theatre, London

Jahnavi Harrison

A beautiful prayer for the blessing of all of humanity taken from the Srimad Bhagavatam.

svasty astu visvasya khalah prasidatam

dhyayantu bhutani sivam mitho dhiya

manas ca bhadram bhajatad adhokshaje

avesyatam no matir apy ahaituki

 "May the entire universe be blessed with peace and good hope. May everyone driven by envy and enmity become pacified and reconciled. May all living beings develop abiding concern for the welfare of others. May our own hearts and minds be filled with purity and serenity. May all these blessings flow naturally from this supreme benediction: May our attention become spontaneously absorbed in the rapture of pure love unto the transcendent Lord."

--- English rendition by Ravindra Svarupa Dasa, of Srimad Bhagavatam 5.18.9

The song was originally released as part of Mantra Lounge Vol. 2 which is available on all digital channels including iTunes:

Shammi Pithia: Keys/Flute/Percussion
Ben Hazleton: Double Bass
Mali Harrison: Percussion/Vocals
Madhva Anderson: Percussion
Balarama Perez: Percussion
Matt Coldrick: Guitar/Vocals
Ananda Monet: Vocals
Caitanya Cintamani: Vocals
Jahnavi Harrison: Violin/Vocals

Filmed and edited by Filmwork Studios

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