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How Banks Work - History of Banks Documentary

The history and purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank is not what is commonly believed to be the truth. Its function in the financial affairs of the United States carries a definite dark side to it - one that would shock the average US citizen. Here are some details about this 5-part article series exposing the real truth behind this very powerful agency and why the nation listens when it speaks.

This first article lays the foundation of the history of the Federal Reserve by pointing out why there ever was an attempt to grab the controls of the reigns of agencies that produce the money in the US. Going back to England, it was shown that central banks have known for centuries that controlling the making and lending of currency to a nation ultimately means the power to control that nation.

Before the Revolutionary War, the King of England, George III, working with the central Bank of England, had rejected the new currency of the Colonists in America. In its place, he wanted the Colonies to borrow English currency from the central bank of England with interest. The idea of being instantly indebted to England was quickly rejected by the Colonists - and war soon broke out. Benjamin Franklin believed that this action by the greedy money manipulators was probably the single most important reason behind the War.

The War did not end the problem of the money manipulators, however, but their efforts to get control of America's money were renewed after the War. The international bankers program was to lend money with interest and to control its distribution. Through this means they would create a never-ending indebtedness of that nation to the central bankers which would continually make those bankers unbelievably wealthy.

This was so much of an ongoing work by the international bankers that a number of attempts to establish a central bank in the United States had to be destroyed. Several attempts were even made in the twentieth century.

At last, a situation was created that led many Americans to rush to withdraw their money from banks immediately. The false belief that it was failing, was all that was needed for the formation of a central bank system to be created in the United States. A secret meeting in 1910 had laid the plans for the Federal Reserve Act. It was passed and signed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. After he learned more about the truth of what it would mean to the American people, he deeply regretted it and called himself a "most unhappy man" for having brought it about - largely because of the campaign favors that it would bring him.

One of the supposed reasons that the Federal Reserve was created was that it would create a much greater stability in our banking system. The appearance of failing banks brought the illusion that people needed this stability. It would be able to control inflation, and much more. The truth, however, is that financial chaos and panic was deliberately created by their actions - and many independent banks were destroyed in an effort to bring them under its control.

How Banks Work - History of Banks Documentary

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