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How Big Is The Universe?


Us humans are driven by the desire for knowledge. The ability to understand the workings and structure of our environment helped our species reach the highly developed point in our own history where we are today. Although humanity regularly produces new technological milestones, there are still almost countless realities that elude our knowledge almost entirely. While these mysteries of life on the one hand cause big question marks over the heads of experts, the fascination that emanates from these unsolved mysteries is equally undisputed. This topic becomes particularly exciting whenever we turn to a field that seems to exceed our tangible horizon. In the case of the universe, research is still in its infancy despite all the rockets sent into orbit and the successful moon landing in 1969. At present, we know only a tiny part of what is currently still hidden from our eyes in the infinite vastness of space. The question of how big the universe as a whole actually is is a mystery that mankind has been dealing with for countless centuries. With today's contribution we would like to present the current state of research on this topic. We will show you the current state of astronomical knowledge of our species and will also talk about why the answer to the question of the size of the universe is so difficult to come by.

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Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...


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