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Is This What Spirituality Is? [What It Means To Be Spiritual]

Open Your Reality

What does it mean to be spiritual? Is there a certain set of actions we need to take to be spiritual? And what is the end result of a spiritual life? I know many of the people who watch my channel consider themselves spiritual. At heart, spirituality cannot be defined simply by what one believes. Instead it consists of being on the path to lowering entropy. Is this what spirituality is? Watch the video to find out the complete answer. Please subscribe and consider donating to the channel to support my work. Thank you!

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I define spirituality as someone who understands that we are here for a purpose. That our lives matter and everything we do affects others and the system around us. A wise man once said a religious person following the teachings of their church, whereas the spiritual person follows the guidance of their soul. To be spiritual, one just need understand the golden rule, karma, entropy and the realization that our consciousness not only survives death, but that in essence, there is no death. For in fact, if you ask souls in the spiritual realms, which life is more real, yours or ours, they would without hesitation say theirs.

Henry David Theroux said our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake. So we need to keep in mind that this life goes fast and time is precious. So what does it mean to be spiritual? I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean dressing in any particular way. It doesn’t mean speaking as if you’re a wise old sage. And you certainly don’t have to read tarot cards, be psychic or study reiki to be spiritual. In my book, as long you are on the path, you are a spiritual person. Additionally, you understand that we are all one, that each of us has a purpose here, and that all life is sacred.

Now as I was insinuating earlier, there are no set of certain actions a spiritual person must take other than to be on the path. And there are many roads of wisdom that lead to the same goal. To me, the main and most worth goal to achieve in this life is evolution of our consciousness. Tom Campbell calls it lowering our entropy. Those who fancy the technical side of MBT would say we are cleaning up the code of our digital minds. In the end, by doing so, we are releasing our fears and becoming love.

This is the ultimate goal of all human beings whether they realize it or not. How soon we get there depends upon our understanding of the system and our willingness to work on ourselves. A good indication for how much entropy we have in our lives at present is to look at our relationships with others and our daily behavior. Do we have destructive habits and self sabotage or are we living our best life? Most people fall in between. And relationships of course are where the rubber meets the road in terms of feedback from this VR system.

What is the end result of a spiritual life? Wait, I answered that one as well. Did you get it? It’s of course to complete our life having raised the quality of our consciousness. This means we finish our incarnation with lower entropy and a cleaning up of the code in our digital minds. You might be asking yourself if I truly believe our minds digital? Well, Tom says consciousness is the computer and we are consciousness, so we are therefore computational. Now there’s no need whatsoever to believe we live in a simulation and that consciousness is digital for you to evolve. Zen monks, Hindu swamis and Tibetan lamas have been achieving the rainbow body and graduating this reality for thousands of years, and all with no knowledge of computer terms.

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