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Mahavatar Babaji - The Definitive Documentary of Babaji - An Immortal Master

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Mahavatar Babaji - The Definitive Documentary of Babaji - An Immortal Master. This is my Mahavatar Babaji documentary. If you have wanted to know the story of Babaji, this video is it. The life of Babaji is told here. Is Babaji still alive? Who is Mahavatar Babaji? Where is Babaji now? It's all in here. At the end, I talk about Haidakhan Babaji. And I mention Mahavatar Babaji and Jesus.

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Who Is Mahavatar Babaji? Welcome to Open Your Reality. Many of you have been asking me to make a video about Mahavatar Baba-ji. So who is Mahavatar Baba-ji and why is he so important? First, he is one of the ascended masters and arguably the highest level spiritual figure that has ever graced the earth.

He is the teacher of teachers. His most famous disciple was Jesus and he constantly works to bring peace and love to the world. Baba-ji taught many spiritual adepts through the centuries, the most famous being Parahamansa Yogananda, who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi, easily one of the greatest pieces of spiritual literature ever composed in my humble opinion.

Few other spiritual figures compare to Baba-ji in terms of his power and his impact on the world from behind the scenes. The term, Baba-ji, is actually a broad Indian word which means revered father. For those interested in yogis and spirituality, you’ve probably come across the name Mahavatar Baba-ji at one time or another. Many who watch this video have not heard of the great sage, or no little about him.

Either way, I made this video to be the definitive short biography of the life and work of Mahavatar Baba-ji. Of all the spiritual figures that exist, I most strongly identify with Baba-ji. And in my heart, I believe he can hear me when I pray or speak to him. I first learned of the great master from reading Autobiography of a Yogi over two decades ago. The information in this video comes from that book and others written about Baba-ji, so let’s begin.

The legend of Mahavatar Baba-ji dates back to 203 BC. He was said to have been born on November 30 in a small eastern coastal village in the far south of India. His birth name was Nagarajan, which literally means “king of serpents”.

His father was the priest of a village temple. And Nagarajan adored his mother, whose love for her was unconditional. These details of Baba-ji’s early formative years were revealed to Marshal Govindan, who was initiated into kriya yoga in 1970 and dedicated his life to it, becoming president of Baba-ji’s kriya yoga operations and initiating over 10,000 people in its teachings.

If you didn’t know, Kriya yoga is a powerful branch of yoga that was passed down from Baba-ji to his disciples, forming a lineage that continues today. Govinda wrote a very informative book on Baba-ji in 1991, titled Baba-ji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition.

According to Govinda, Baba-ji personally told him of the details of his early life in India in 203 BC. This includes Nagaraj being kidnapped and sold as a slave when he was just 5 years old.

The details of Babaji's life were beautifully penned in Autobiography of a Yogi. In 1861 Lahiri Mahasaya, working as an accountant for the British government, was walking in the hills of desolate area when he heard a voice calling his name. Following the voice up the mountain, he met a tall and divinely radiant sadhu. Lahiri was amazed the sadhu knew his name. That sadhu was none other than Mahavatar Baba-ji.

At this point, Baba-ji would have been over 2,000 years old but looked a youth of no more than 25 years. How could that be? It’s more than likely the spirit of Baba-ji took on this body, incarnating into the flesh to communicate with Lahiri.

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