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No MA'AM Ograms: Radial Rethink on Mammograms - Stem Cells, Lasers new treatments for Cancer

The Real Truth About Health

Dr. Ben Johnson refutes the medical myths and fallacies at the root of today’s conventional mammogram protocols, offering people safer solutions to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Dr. Ben discusses the new research behind practical and effective alternatives to harmful mammograms, biopsies, radiation, and chemotherapies. His holistic approach includes recommendations on diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes to counteract the effects of dangerous toxins and medical practices that create the harmful conditions in which cancer can arise. Through a wealth of facts, exposés, and preventive tips, this definitive guide shows every woman how to move toward better health maintenance for the body.

Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD, is an integrative oncologist who is recognized worldwide as a leader in complementary medicine. A renowned speaker on natural healing, he was featured in the 2006 documentary and best-selling book, The Secret. Born in North Georgia, he now lives and works in San Diego, California.

Dr. Ben combines expertise gained as an osteopath, naturopath, and medical doctor with alternative approaches to healing cancer on a concierge basis, in which he cares for patients in the comfort of their homes. He focused in general practice for many years, served as senior flight surgeon for the U.S. Army Reserve, and as a senior (AME) aviation medical examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration. Dr. Ben currently serves the Minister of Health for the Southern Cherokee Nation RFP. In addition to his medical degrees, he holds a B.S. in biology and M.S. in psychology.

To promote the cause of early cancer detection, Dr. Ben founded the International Cancer Foundation and co-founded Thermography Unlimited.

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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO's. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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