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Relearning Pollination: Why native bees increase your nutritional food - with Author Dave Hunter

The Real Truth About Health

Bee pollination is critical for about 80 percent of US agricultural crops, increasing crop value by an estimated $15 billion annually. Since 2006, nearly a third of all honeybee hives have been lost each year, due to parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and a newer malady called Colony Collapse Disorder. While scientists search for answers to save the honeybee, Dave Hunter and his company, Crown Bees, are leading the effort to increase the population of other highly efficient pollinators: One mason bee can produce twelve pounds of cherries, via pollination, where it would take sixty honey bees to achieve the same.

Dave Hunter, founder, and owner of Crown Bees has been working for a decade to learn, teach, and apply natural techniques on solitary native bees. What started out as a backyard hobby has turned into the world’s largest solitary bee company devoted to making more food for the gardener and farmer.

Dave founded the professional organization Orchard Bee Association and had advised for the USDA’s Integrated Crop Pollination project for the past 5 years. He firmly believes that teaming with science to ensure best practices are followed has us with healthier bees.

Changing perceptions about how bees pollinate isn’t easy! Many of our bee assumptions stem from the honey bees we know and love. Dave will help you unlearn most of them. What’s true for honey bees is NOT necessarily helpful for our food-making native bees of the world. Dave’s stories will help you easily understand natural bee basics.

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