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Saadi: 'One Body'


This famous poem by Saadi Shirazi called ' Bani Adam', ( Children of Adam) is inscribed on a beautiful hand- made Persian Carpet, installed in 2005 on the wall of a meeting room in the United Nations building in New York. You might think, what good does it do when the world consistently ignores this fundamental principal and its eloquent message of Unity? I say, let us encourage one another to love and good deeds.
An early Persian Sufi mystic, poet and prose writer, Saadi Sirazi was born around 1200 in the city of Shiraz, Iran. Following the Mongol invasion of Iran he fled the country, wandering for thirty years through many lands, seeking knowledge. Saadi's oeuvre reflect the wisdom and sufferings of ordinary people. His two famous books are: ' Bustan', ( The Orchard) entirely in verse, and ' Golestan' ( The Rose Garden) mainly in prose, as well as stories and personal anectodes.

Reference:' Love's Alchemy- Poems from the Sufi Tradition', translated from the Persian by David R. Fideler & Sabrineh Fideler. (God bless)

Wondrous world, reflecting the beauty and diversity of cultures through music.
Music: Armand Amar

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