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Sailesh Rao - The 2026 Great Transition Tour - Portland, Oregon

Northwest VEG

An encouraging talk by Dr. Sailesh Rao, author and founder of Born in rural India, Dr. Rao came to the US to earn a PhD in Computer Sciences from Stanford and became very successful in designing and building key components that launched the growth of the internet. As he sought to help the world through his success, he went to work for Al Gore doing talks on climate, but started his own organization, Climate Healers, when he became convinced that the most significant environmental threat was not being addressed. He wrote 2 interesting books describing his perspective, 'Carbon Dharma' and 'Carbon Yoga' which offer a positive message of how to see the mess we are in as a part of a transformative phase which we can emerge from together by joining in a simple grassroots Gandhi-inspired movement.

Dr. Rao addressed the European Parliament at a screening of Cowspiracy, a film he helped fund. His message of individual commitment is very different from the mainstream focus on fossil fuels. In this presentation, Sailesh explores the environmental dilemma facing humanity and proposes a beautifully simple, rational solution.

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