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Sanskrit Lullaby Īśwara Namaskāram

Gaiea Sanskrit

Īśwara Namaskāra or Śrī Brahma Stotra

Sanskrit text in Video and Translation below

Salutations to that Being Who creates and supports the different worlds. Salutation to that Truth Who is unequalled, and Who grants liberation. Salutations to that Eternal Supreme Self Who pervades all regions.

You are my sole Refuge, worthy of my final choice. You are the One Protector of the world with Your Self-Radiance. You alone create, sustain and destroy the universe. You are the One Great Motionless Being, free from change.

Your are feared even by the fearless, and You rule even the rulers. You are the Goal of all creatures. You purify all those who teach the virtue of purity.

We think of You, we worship You, we bow to You, O Witness to the drama of this universe. We go to the Shelter of that Unique Being - the Basis of everything, Self-supporting, and Supreme, - a vessel in the sea of Life.

In this world, there is no-one above You, and no ruler greater than You. You are without form and image. You are the Ultimate Cause of all causes. No one has created You - You are the Creator of all

We realize You as the Supreme Lord of all lords, the Supreme God of all gods, he Supreme Protector of all protectors, Lord of the world, Worthy of our praise.

You alone are our Mother, Father, Brother and Friend. You are the Source of our learning and wealth. You are our All-in-all, God of all gods!

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