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Souad Massi - Khalouni (Let me)

Souad Massi Khalouni Translation:
Tell me why you think
T 'are with us and you're all alone
People are scattered in the sea
And you get higher, you go away
It's obvious your heart is full
It's obvious you have nothing to add
He who has the habit of suffering since childhood
His whole life is on the go

Chorus (repeat)
Let me, let me
Let me weep over my decisions
Let me, let me
Let me cry on my luck

Look at people like they are happy
Look at people as they play
Look at the sky as it is clear
You and your sky is cloudy
Has it one to whom life has smiled
And he has given generously
It Hits you like a crying
And he bears his suffering

"I am a musician, a dreamer, a melancholic, and an optimist," says Souad Massi, when asked, one sunny autumn day in Paris. "I am also a global citizen." Years ago the singer/songwriter picked up her guitar and left her war-torn country, Algeria, for a different life in France.
Mesk Elil (Honeysuckle) is the work of an artist at the peak of her creative powers—and one hot on the heels of Yngy, Souad Massi's first child—Mesk Elil broadens the musical spectrum with orchestral sections, loping West African grooves and a maturity that is "the natural result of two years of constant touring." Produced by the visionary Jean Lamoot (Noir Desir, Salif Keita) and featuring such stellar musicians as long-time guitarist Jean-Francois Kellner, Malian axeman Djely Moussa Kouyate (from Salif Keita's band) and burgeoning world music superstar Daby Touré, Mesk Elil reflects both Massi's personal and social concerns. Once again the purity of her vocals belie the often harrowing intensity of lyrics on love, heartache and longing (lyrics that could be about herself or her country), but there's a sweetness here, a sense of hope, that hints at brighter days to come.

Dis- moi pourquoi tu penses
T' es avec nous et tu es tout seul
Des gens sont dispersés dans la mer
Et toi tu t'enfonces, tu pars loin
Ca se voit que ton coeur est plein
Ca se voit que t'as rien à rajouter
Celui qui a l'habitude des souffrances depuis tout petit
Toute sa vie son feu est allumé

Refrain (bis):
Laissez- moi, laissez- moi
Laissez- moi pleurer sur mes prises de décisions
Laissez- moi, laissez- moi
Laissez- moi pleurer sur ma chance

Regarde les gens comme ils sont contents
Regarde les gens comme ils jouent
Regarde le ciel comme il est clair
Et toi ton ciel est nuageux
Y'en a un à qui la vie a souri
Et lui a donné sans compter
Y'en a un comme toi qui pleure
Et il supporte sa souffrance

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