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The Battle for Compassion - a short film by Jonathan Leighton

Jonathan Leighton

The Battle for Compassion is a film about what matters and how we can have greater impact in shaping a gentler future for our planet. The film draws on key ideas from my book The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe. I advocate the reduction of intense human and animal suffering as our highest ethical priority, and the creation of compassionate and rational decision-making structures that meet the needs of all.

French-subtitled version:
Spanish-subtitled version:
Arabic-subtitled version:

More info here:

Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS), a think-and-do tank I founded in 2016 and dedicated to globally promoting compassion and the prevention of suffering as our highest ethical priority:

Please consider supporting my projects to reduce suffering in the world with a small monthly donation!


The following are updated links mentioned at the end of the film, plus a few others, with information on how to make a difference:

Switch to a healthy, plant-based diet:

Donate to charities with a high impact in reducing suffering:

Explore the power of Nonviolent Communication:

Help children develop their capacity for empathy:

Support new initiatives, petitions and organisations fighting for a kinder world, including:

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