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The NEW way to manifest what you really want | Michael Bernard Beckwith


Have you ever finally got something you thought you wanted, only to discover that it didn’t bring you the joy you expected? 🤷 Learn what you truly want from your life by uncovering your own ‘Soul’s Purpose’ for free 👉

Spirituality Teacher and Mindvalley Author Michael Bernard Beckwith believes that the Universe doesn’t give you what you focus on, which is what the original ‘Law of Attraction’ teaches.

The rules of attaining your visions and goals taught in ‘The Secret’ aren’t the most updated methods of ‘The Law of Attraction’. 🧲 In fact, they’re very outdated.

Michael Beckwith believes that manifesting for temporary love and happiness isn’t true manifestation, and that there’s a way to access greater states of bliss and ecstasy using new and improved version of the ‘Law of Attraction’, coined by Michael as the ‘Law of Radiance’, covered in the Masterclass ☀️

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