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The Promise Of Living - Aaron Copland, (arr. John Williams)


A great song to lift the heart at Thanksgiving time but equally compelling any time of the year.

This tune is not original to Mr. Copland. It is actually an old hymn tune which he embellished on.

This is from Aaron Copland's opera The Tender Land. The libretto was by Horace Everett. The recording is an arrangement for chorus and orchestra by John Williams.

The opera was premiered April 1st, 1954 by the New York City Opera. It was not particularly well received at the time but today's audiences have been more forgiving than the critics of the day.

This is an updated version of the original video I posted in March of 2009. It had received over 31,000 views at the time I pulled it down (11-11-11) and replaced it with this newer and improved version. I made every effort to stay true to the concept of the original video but have changed-out most of the photos.

I like feedback and I appreciate your watching. Please consider rating it before you leave. Thanks!

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