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The Speech YouTube Doesn't Want You To See | The Extremism Of Veganism

Bite Size Vegan

This is the speech YouTube doesn’t want you to see. But the truth cannot be silenced. When does lifestyle become fanaticism? When does diet become dogma? When does what we eat and how we live become so extreme it impacts those around us? This revealing speech exposes the problem of vegan extremism and delves into a deception so great it affects us all. Learn the power of the lie we live. Unravel the mental manipulation of collective indoctrination and look at the ordinary with a fresh set of eyes. Nothing is ever as it appears.

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➤➤CHAPTER MARKERS For Navigation
00:00 Opening: Censorship Explanation
00:14 Living A Lie
01:19 Speaker Intro
01:46 The Challenge
03:31 Vegan Extremism
04:15 Lesson in Un-Learning
04:28 Journey of Milk [DAIRY]
05:58 VEAL Connection
06:58 Cost to Mothers
07:59 Pregnant Slaughter
09:07 The Pus We Drink
10:36 Greatest Magic Trick Ever Performed
11:38 Journey of EGGS
12:54 Starvation
13:16 Disposal of Male Chicks
14:16 Battery Cages/Cage-Free
14:59 Power of The Lie [Egg Summation]
16:06 Erasing Identity [Living Inventory]
17:33 Industry "Alterations"
17:57 Human Hero Complex
18:57 Killing Committees & Humane Slaughter
20:36 Censorship Explanation
21:21 End of Footage Message
23:02 Environment/Health/Social
24:17 Overview & Climate Change
24:57 Water Footprint Plant vs Animal
26:16 Crops For Livestock vs People
27:15 Small Farm/Grass-Fed & Issue of Land
28:21 Fishing & Ocean Health
29:54 Environmental Summary
30:36 Pretty Packages & Personal Choice
31:37 HEALTH
32:58 The Greatest Lie & OUR INSANITY (Summary)
34:03 The Good News- You Decide (Closing)
35:40 Additional Videos

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