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Tiny house pioneer in the Netherlands



Meet Marjolein Jonker who lives in a tiny house in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Her home measures just 20 square metres and includes a wood-burning stove and solar panels.

Marjolein is a pioneer for the Tiny House Movement in the Netherlands. It is a concept and philosophy that is already popular in the United States.

People choose to live with less possessions in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in order to make less of an ecological footprint and gain freedom from possessions and money.

We travelled to Alkmaar with fellow Tiny House enthusiast and environmental campaigner Rob Greenfield to meet Marjolein and learn more about this unique way of living.

Marjolein’s home is packed full of clever design features, including stairs that double up as storage, a hidden dining table, which can be folded out quickly to turn the sitting area into a dining area that seats six comfortably, and a double bed and wardrobe on a mezzanine above the kitchen.

What do you think of Marjolein’s tiny house? Can you imagine yourself living with so little and in such a tiny space? What would you do with the sense of freedom that gave you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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For more information, visit Marjolein’s website, Marjolein in Miniature

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