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To be labelled a 'climate change denier' is 'ludicrous and disturbing'

Sky News Australia

Youtuber and climate realist, Naomi Seibt says she became “passionate” about the topic of climate change after she “looked into the science of both sides of the spectrum” and realised “what climate skeptics say” made “a lot of sense scientifically."

Ms Seibt she “started questioning a lot of mainstream politics” from a young age, and “got a lot of backlash from even friends and family”.

Ms Seibt said climate change is a “topic that is very heavily promoted in a very one-sided way in the mainstream media”.

“If you were to question the mainstream narrative [in school], then you would be labelled a climate change denier which is ludicrous and it’s absolutely disturbing.

“To deny something, that is a very heavy insult, especially in Germany, because it is supposed to remind you of the insult ‘holocaust denier’.”

Image: AP

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