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Top 5 Vegan Protein Sources

Simple Vegan Life


In this video I will discuss the top 5 vegan protein sources. It is important to be mindful of your protein intake as a vegan or vegetarian. Even though it takes a little bit more thought ( as you should anyways when it comes to the foods you put in your body) it is definetely not impossible. Many people on S.A.D ( Standard American Diet) assume that it isn't possible to meet your daily protein intake but that is further from the truth. I present some healthy sources for you to make this happen. These foods are some of my favorties and I have each one sitting in my pantry. Be creative and see what meals you can come up with to creatively incorporate them into your diet! There are many vegan complete protein sources out there you just have to do the research!
These are all great vegan protein sources for breakfast and many of the vegan protein sources are gluten free. Enjoy the video and please comment, like, share, and subscribe!

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