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Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe | How to make the Best Sarma

Easy Turkish Recipes

Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe (Grape Leaves with rice) | Dolma Recipe | how to make Dolma


300 gr pickled grape leaves

2 cups of rice

2 tomatoes

1 big onion

9-10 branches of parsley

2 dessert spoon of dry mint

2 soup spoon of dry black currants

1 lemon

4 tbs of cooking oil

Half glass of olive oil

1 dessert spoon of salt


-Start by chopping the onions finely, combine half of cooking oil with half of the olive oil and roast the

onions in a big pot.

-Add grated tomatoes.

- Wash the rice and black currants, chop the parsley finely and add all these in to the pot.

-After a minute, add dry mint and salt.

-Add 1 cup of boiling water and boil the mix for one minute.

-Turn off the stove, put the cover on and leave it for brewing.

-Wash the pickled grape leaves a little bit to take away the extra saltiness. (If your grape leaves are

not pickled, just wash them and boil them in salty water)

-When the rice mix is read and brewed. (The rices should be a bit hard to be eaten, since it will cook

once again, it should be this way) you can start rolling your sarmas!

-Take each leave carefully, rip out the little branches, and place some of the rice mix in the middle,

start rolling one by one. (Hard to explain here, please watch the video)

-Put aside the big and thick leaves, and use them to cover inside of the pot. So your sarmas won't

touch the ground or walls of the pot. This will avoid them opening while cooking.

-Place the sarmas into the pot.

-Put some lemon slices on the top and cover them all with big thick grape leaves.

-Cook for 30 minutes on low heat.

-When it' s done cooking, take of the top covering big leaves and pour some olive oil all around. This

will make them look shinier and give them extra olive oil flavor!

-Serve it when it cools down, If you wish pour lemon juice while serving!

Bon Apetit!

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