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Vail Symposium - The Energy Codes with Dr. Sue Morter

Joe Kania

Everything is energy, including you. Quantum science is showing us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything in our world– including our thoughts, feelings and beliefs– is energy held in different patterns. These patterns are the basis of our reality impacting our perceptions, our vitality and even our health. Learning the truth of who we are as energy beings, we become powerful creators of our life experience.

Based in quantum science, neuroscience and energy medicine, The Energy Codes® teach us how to train the mind to serve the great intuitive presence that we truly are, by listening to the unspoken language from within the deep core of the body–a true celebration of the human spirit.

Dr. Morter describes her journey as a doctor who had a spontaneous awakening to the Soulful Self, codifying the process of guiding others to do the same. Learning to shift from living in our heads and the stress created there to claiming the benefit of living in our wholeness has never been needed more. Our current times are calling us to awaken a greater version of ourselves and experience the life we were intended to live. Join the Vail Symposium as Dr. Morter guides us to this greater understanding with her fun, uplifting and inspired presentation style.

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