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Vallecitos Tom Turley talks about Vallecitos and the annual Media Makers Retreat!

Vallecitos Mountain Ranch

If twenty media makers get together in the woods and don't make any media, does anything happen?

This rare "time out" is open to all media professionals, including filmmakers, crew persons, photographers, writers, producers, journalists, radio professionals, composers/musicians, web and graphic designers.

Come to the Vallecitos Mountain Ranch and let the early summer alchemy of New Mexico's wild Tusas Mountains guide, revitalize and restore your inspired self.

The world of the media professional is often harsh and competitive, a tangle of pressures compounded by the unrelenting striving for the best shot or clever idea while scrambling to keep up with new technologies.

Frequently torn between a personal vision and one acceptable to media outlets, we struggle with financing or the compromises that may be necessary to finish a job or even retain it. Seldom is there time to stop, to take stock of where we've gone and what we've lost in our efforts to succeed.

This retreat offers media professionals a chance to unwind and recharge the capacity to create, to remember and return to the roots of inspiration. We will leave all our equipment behind to fully experience the peace of a pristine mountain valley in the remote Tusas Mountains of Northern New Mexico.

During extended day hikes and quiet walks (in spacious meadows that edge the crystal clear Vallecitos River, and in forests, home to elk, wild horses and giant pines), silent sitting and writing (with paper and pencil!) we will find the path back to what truly guides our work. In the evenings, we'll enjoy delicious meals and relaxed fireside talk as we hear from each other and explore what can manifest when we take time away from the over-stimulation and demands of the media world. Learn more at

Video footage credit: BHI Video

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