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Vegetable Lab-grown Meat: Are You Interested??


Vegetable Meat: Are You Interested??

Efforts Are On To Grow Meat In The Lab
Multiple Start-Ups Are Working On It
They Feed Nutrients To Animal Cells
They Are Producing Clean Meat Which Will Help In Animal Welfare. It Will Be Healthy For Human And Will Be Environment Friendly
Lab-Grown Meat Will Have A Clean Production Process & Will Be Free From Any Animal Disease
Meat Will Not Be Contaminated By Antibiotics Or Pesticides
It Saves Money, Time & Effort On Messy And Costly Process Of Raising Animals
Cultured Meats Are Available But, Right Now, They Are Very Costly
It’s Actually Cheaper To Replicate The Taste Of The Meats
“Memphis Meats” Company Provides Beef, Chicken & Pork Without Animal Involvement
Not Only That, There Are Meatballs, Duck A L’orange & Fried Chicken On The Menu
Bill Gates & Richard Branson Are Prominent Investors In This Company
“I Believe That In 30 Years Or So, All Meat Will Either Be Clean Or Plant-Based” Said Richard Branson
A Company Called “Beyond Meat” Developed Expertise In Creating Vegan Meats
Good News Is That Price Of Lab-Grown Meats Is Expected To Reduce In Future
What Do You Think? Will You Prefer Lab-Grown Meat To Real Meat?
Who Knows If Lab-Grown Meat Will Not Be The Only Source Of Meat In Future?

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