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What Happens At The Time Of Death ? | Stages Of Death Revealed | Heartfulness Meditation


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This video explains - How we die, What are Stages Of Death, How soul exits our body, What happens after death.

00:00 - Intro - How we Die.
01:44 - I am scared - Fear of death.
02:55 - Grandpa - You are close to a new beginning.
03:47 - New world after Death.
03:57 - Daaji explains Spiritual Chakras and the Dying process.
04:32 - Basal plexus or Muladhara Chakra - Earth element
04:56 - Hypogastricplexus or Swadhisthana Chakra - Water element. 
05:17 - Solar plexus or Nabhi Chakra - Fire element. 
05:35 - Cardiac plexus or the heart plexus or Anahata Chakra - Air element.
05:54 - Pharyngealplexus or Kanta Chakra. 
06:01 - Soul exit through mouth, nose, eyes or ears.
06:07 - Evolved people's soul exit through Bhramarandra Chakra.
06:24 - What happens after death - Liberation or next Birth.

The purpose of this video is to understand what really happens at the moment of death. There are no heavens and they are no hells. Allowing the soul to rise higher and higher, it's a state of heaven. Death is not the end point of our existence. Death is the end point of our current life. The existence continues. Yogis, they have mimicked the process of death, and have had some glimpses of what really happens at the moment of death. The moment that death approaches. First element that gets dissolved is the element of earth which is largely located in the basal plexus, Mulhadhara Chakra. Mulhadhara means fundamental support, basic support. When that support is dissolved, you start disintegrating. What happens next is this element rises up and goes to the next chakra, which is called hypogastric plexus or Swadhisthana Chakra. This particular chakra is mainly endowed with water element. You become shaky, you become uncertain, you lose confidence, your hands and feet become colder. The next thing that would happen is the movement of this energy from the hypogastric plexus to the solar plexus, Nabhi Chakra, which is a fire element. The body above Nabhi Chakra, navel and elbow will become warmer. So the person undergoing this will have cold and hot feeling at the same time. When this energy from Nabhi Chakra or solar plexus reaches out to the cardiac plexus or Anahata or the heart plexus whose prevailing or predominant element is air. The whole system, the entire body starts trembling because of the nature of the air element. The energy moves away from this heart chakra or the cardiac plexus to the pharyngeal plexus, which is located here, which is also called Kanta Chakra. Now the soul is ready to exit. So the soul would exit either through the mouth or through the nose or through the eyes or the ears. If a person had undergone a tremendous practice and had attained a state of liberation, the soul will not exit from any of these points like eyes or nose or mouth or ears. But it will only exit through Bhramarandra Chakra which is here on the occipital part of our brain. If that soul is so highly advance at consciousness level, it will reach out to that dimension. If it is not so, it will stay a little lower in the state of limbo and awaits the next birth.

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