What is CONSCIOUSNESS? The Case for the Quantum Soul

Cosmic Consciousness with Jonas


On the cutting edge of neuroscience and quantum physics, scientists are beginning to find incontrovertible evidence that there is more to this mystery of consciousness than we previously thought.

It is now becoming clear that consciousness exists independently of the brain. Consciousness is "non-local," existing beyond the physical human body, and beyond space and time itself.

Could science be slowly proving that consciousness exists as the "soul" or divine essence that mystics and spiritually awakened beings have been pointing to for thousands of years?

The question of "What is consciousness?" will revolutionize science as we know it. And it very much already has. A new paradigm is emerging. This is the great awakening of humanity.

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Further Reading:
- How Einstein Revealed the Universe's Strange "Nonlocality": https://bit.ly/2PduSuN
- How “Consciousness Creates Reality”: https://bit.ly/2wrZAZv
- Quantum Approaches to Consciousness: https://stanford.io/2rtLYZO

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