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What is thinking - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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What are you? Not according to someone else, to some philosophy, religion, spirituality, mysticism, concept or theory - but actually? Can this understanding ever be given to you in words/symbols, or do you have to actually observe and make the connection by yourself? - "Give your brains to it, find out!"


'So, one has to inquire, if you're not too tired; what is thinking?
Probably nobody has asked this question...
Very few people do.
Don't wait for me to answer it..
Look at it, observe it.

Thinking, is part of memory, isn't it?
Investigate it with the speaker, please, don't sit there comfortably, or uncomfortably.
Thinking is part of memory, isn't it?
If you had no memory at all, would you be able to think?
You wouldn't..
Our brain is the instrument of memory.
Memory of things that have happened, experiences and so on.
The whole background of memory.
The psyche, which is the 'me', and the 'me' is the image that I have built about myself.
There is nothing spiritual about it.
That's another ugly word, 'spiritual'.

Experience, knowledge, memory and the response of memory is thought.
Experience, is always limited, naturally.
That's a complicated question.. because.. oh gosh, everything is complicated!

Is experience different from the experiencer?
Give your brains to it, find out..
If there is no experiencer is there an experience?
Of course not.
So, the 'experience' and the 'experiencer' are the same.
Like the 'observer' and the 'observed', the thinker is not separate from his thoughts.
The thinker IS the thought.
When, you see this fact, this actuality..
Just to observe it in yourself.
Not move away from the reality of it, from the truth of it.
To hold it, to remain with it, not run away from it.
Not rationalize, it is so!

And then it's like holding a precious jewel in your hand.
You see all the beauty of that jewel.
And then you see for yourself
that fear, psychologically, completely ends.

And when there is no fear..
You're free.'

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