WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

The 5th Kind

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In this Book, Paul documents the links within the Sumerian creation account: The word Annunaki, he explains, means “Those who came from the heavens to Earth,” a phrase that made clear their extraterrestrial origins.

Many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings or “gods.” And then the job of rulership gets handed over at a later stage to human governors or Kings..

The Bible originated from the ancient Sumerian text. Text found with the same story. Pre-dating the Biblical accounts by thousands of years. Documenting Ancient Aliens.

The Sumerian story begins with the rulers coming down from the heavens. And the glyph for these rulers is a symbol pointing to the sky! The Annunaki were from the heavens. They were sky people! - WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

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